Refund Policy

The refund is governed by the terms and conditions of the airline from which you have booked the airfare. There are so many fares which are non-refundable. The refund may take up to 8-10 weeks and in some cases, Airline may take more than 12 weeks. If the refund is delayed from Airline, in this case, is not at all responsible.

Cancellation Policy

If the customer needs to cancel the ticket in any circumstances, it is required for the customer to contact Tripfur at for cancellation form and process for other options. This is to be noted that in few cases air-tickets are completely non-refundable, in other cases cancellation charges will vary from airline to airline. (As per the cancellation policy mentioned on respective airline’s website). Please read all terms and conditions carefully on the airline website.

Cancellation of any component of your travel may incur a fee of AUD 150.00 per person and consolidator fee of AUD 22 plus any cancellation fee imposed by the Airlines. The cancellation fee may vary depending upon the time, airline and efforts spent in the refund processing application. In all circumstances, the infant tickets are always non-refundable.

If there is a schedule change or flight cancellation done by Airlines, then the cancellation fee would be AUD 75.00 per person/ticket in addition to the cancellation fee levied by the airline.

However, if we as an agency cancel the tickets due to any unwanted/unavoidable circumstances we shall refund the ticket prices within 5 business days. The refund will be processed when a ticket cancellation is entitled for a refund and it could take longer in some cases. If we are unable to process refund to you is merely because of the delay of refund from the relevant supplier.